Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Transprovence 2009

I'm fresh back from the first edition of the Transprovence race...

What a week... the race travels from Gap to Monaco over 7 days and each day there are a number of timed special downhill stages (with some uptulating bits too:))with liason stages like a car rally inbetween.

The organisation was fantastic... thank you Ash and Melissa for this great race.

The trails were fantastic... the downhills on the whole beyone my comfort zone and i was pushed every single day... i have come back itching to try and sort a new bike to handle these kind of races.

I didn't take many pics so am waiting to steal some good shots from fellow competitors before i try and compose a more detailed report or i may just let the pictures do the talking as i will struggle to describe how staggeringly beautiful this part of the world is... every climb was rewarded with epic panoramic views to ease the lactic in the legs before pointing downhill and hanging on through technical singletrack descents of upto 14km!!!!

This race is a winner in my eyes... it has appeal across the board and future editions i have no doubt will sell out very quickly.

This is the site to watch..


Hugest thanks to Ash and Melissa and to all the voluneers for putting on this fantastic event...

Thank you to Col at Alpkit for putting me onto this event and sorting it out for me..

...Finally thanks to all my Fellow TP competitors.. you were a pleasure to ride with and look forward to future get togethers.

( oh and thank you Paul West for getting up ridiculously early to take me to the airport and come get me too..)


A few months ago Trev pointed me in the direction of an online mag called XXC .. put together by Jason Mahokey the mag focuses on the endurance side of racing and features a ton of reports from mainly stateside mountain bike events.

I approached Jason as i wanted to get involved as i enjoyed the mag... he read the blog... liked Salzkammergut report... its now in the latest issue.

Check it out here and be inspired..


Great write up from Joolze and a good 3 Peaks CX race report too... Colorado Trail looks very interesting.