Sunday, 18 March 2012


Cycling is all about the numbers ... HR Zones, Power Readings, Mileage covered, Minutes in intervals ... number, numbers, numbers !!!

Well my important numbers this week are 83 and 16.7.

83, my weight in kilos .... when I started weighing myself at the start of the year I was at a staggering 87kg ... hefty for a cyclist .. i've not been dieting ... i've just been on the bike ALOT more and i'm happy with the current trend of weight loss... by the time Dirty Kanza comes around I should be south of 80kg without any drastic weight loss plan and hanging on to good old fashioned diesel strength .. i'm not the fastest guy but I can hold a speed for a long time :)

16.7, my average speed in mph recorded on Saturdays training ride ... I covered a distance of 83 miles .. the first 50 were hilly with some decent climbs then the remainder were fairly flat .. using the cross bike on the Halo Twin Rail 38c tyres and a good mix of road and gravel. If I can hold that average for another 117 miles on a ride then I will be in good shape for a decent finish at Dirty Kanza.

The weather is now showing good signs that spring is firmly on its way .. winter gear has given way to arm warmers and knee warmers :) .. miles in the sun over the next few months :)