Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Final few days

As always happens the closer I get to an event the less time I have for blogging.

I have managed to squeeze a few good events into the final month or so having positive rides at the Colne valley Mtb challenge and the Selkirk Mtb marathon.

Recent event rides have highlighted the importance of nutrition and managing heat ... Weather is looking cool and dry for Kansas on Saturday which means easier going but far faster conditions.

This race is still a massive unknown but I'm going with the mindset to ride hard and the result at the end of the day is what it is.

Today is a day of packing .. Both bike and clothes then later a drive to Manchester to drop the dogs off and tomorrow we fly out. Hoping Friday will allow a relaxing spin and good opportunity to eat and get ready as Saturday is gonna be crazy !!!

Thanks to all that have wished me luck and let's hope my legs and lungs are fit for purpose :)