Sunday, 16 December 2007

Feeling CROSS this week.....

Cross Training and Cross bike....

I've been busy taking on board ALOT of information from Mark (Forgy) in colorado in regard to what direction i should be taking with my training and preperation for next year.
At the moment while the training plan is being devised and Mark is waiting for me to get an LT test carried out so we can base the plan on science rather than guess work he is giving me almost daily guidance and assesment.... At the moment Cross training is high on the agenda.
This week has seen;

monday night - spent out on the road on my singlespeed mountain bike just keeping a steady cadence.
Tuesday night - 35 minute run, a little icy underfoot but added to the fun
Wednesday - took a day off.
Thursday mid day - 40 minute swim
Friday Morning - 1.30hr ride.... really crisp and icy under wheel.. felt super quick
Saturday - 1 hr road ride with some hill sprints
Sunday - 2.30hr mtb ride at Sherwood...

That sums up the week nicely and explains the CROSS training

Cross bike..... I have been using my good road bike for road rides as i can't get on with my fixed that i built before starting uni.. the fixed is attached full time to the turbo trainer now so i decided to spend a little of a tax rebate on a winter training bike for the road.
After a week of searching i managed to find a Cross bike on ebay and with a cheeky offer managed to secure the deal... perfect as it'll make a great training bike and also means that i get to race cross if the feeling takes me.
Only downside to it and partly why it was cheap is the seatpost is seized so an appointment has been made for it to see Dave at TSW cycles and his vice:)

i wanted to go into alot more detail on a couple of my training rides this week, at the moment the words arren't flowing freely so i'll come back to it later.

Also got a bit of exciting news on friday... i'll wait before i go into anymore detail but should change the shape of the blog.


Martin said...

Training ride details? Exciting news? You are a tease!

C'mon Paul spill the beans already.

rhino said...

What Cross Bike?

What Size Top Tube?

Can I buy it when your done....

Will give you a bidon of the coldest of cold water during the CROC....

Paul.e said...


i got a Kona jake the snake..

at the moment it is set up for winter road with mudguard and road tyres but looking for some spare wheels to set up with cross tyres so i can make the change quickly... cost £200 on ebay:) its a 54cm frame..


rhino said...

Damm, keep an eye out for a 58cm bike.

What events do you have on over there, rumour is I might be in Scotland around September!!!

Paul.e said...

LOL... you chasing UCI points then!!

I'll keep an eye out for a cross bike for you.

How long you planning on coming over for??? why not hang around do some cross racing and then Dusk Till Dawn at start of october:) i'll put you up here...

I'm hopefully planning on going to Oz mid october..