Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Good and the Bad

The Good

- new bike has arrived, she's built and almost ready to go with just a few set up touches to add. Feel's superlight.. nearly put box throug bike shop ceiling when i went to pick it up with more effort than required. Dave at TSW CYCLES did his usual great work and go her up and running. Spent some quiet time just me and the bike on sunday explaining what we had to do this year, she gets the idea and is ready:)

- I've finished the last of my lectures, all that is left now is to complete all coursework and my dissertation meaning i can structure that work around my training for the time being.

- I'm in my last phase of Base, just this and 2 more weeks before i get to start sweating and building.

- Racing season is almost upon us, i know the season technically never ends but the National Point Series and the big endurance events are nearly here not to mention the road racing season.. i am very motivated to race at the moment.. it can't come soon enough.

- Mayhem competitor list is up and its gonna be a great race, alot of people there i have been looking forward to racing as they are at the top of the game in the UK.

Pretty sure that this list is longer than the items i have mentioned but nothing else springs to mind at the moment, in general i'm in a good positive mood except for;

the bad

- Drivers that have to abuse you for slowing their journey by a few seconds, nothing turns my head quicker than a car horn directed at me... uncontrollable rage takes over.. i hope that i never catch up to one of these idiots as it won't be a pretty site. I think we deserve a little more respect as while most the population it seems are heading to weight related early graves we are out in all conditions doing what we love.

- the weather, i won't complain that its cold or wet or windy but i will complain about our weathers inconsistency. Training is easier to plan when you know what you are dealing with but at the moment i seem to wake up to howling wind and rain, get to uni a few hours later and its glorious sunshine, to come home at night to storm like conditions. make your mind up.

- University deadlines, pretty sure all lecturers get together to synchronise deadlines.. i got so much work this week then nothing for weeks after:(

Hmmm pretty short bad list which again just reflects all the good things that are hppening at the moment, hard to believe that i have been cycling for little over 2 years now and what i have achieved after just one seasons racing... pretty excited about what this year will bring but i am 100% sure that i am going to enjoy every moment of it.

First XC Racer 29ers team ride on sunday, all being well the bike will get its first outing and i will give a report on how it goes.. i predict very quickly:)

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