Thursday, 14 August 2008

All change...

So whats new?? EVERYTHING is the short answer....

The lull in posting on my blog was directly related to firstly an increase in university work then secondly to a more profound life change in that i became single again... decided i didn't want to race/train anymore.. drank some.. ate alot.. got slow.. lost my sponsor... then decided i want to ace again.

The few bad things that have happened in my life have more than equally been cancelled out by some really good things...

Firstly the being single thing.. well that lasted about 2 to 3 month before meeting a really great person and although i had vowed to stay single till i was 30 ( which was last week) some thing sin life are just too good to pass up the chance and Grace is definately one of those things:) We have been together for over 4 months now and it has been great, her love for travel is inspirational.

Well as this is a blog about my racing may aswell update that front.... although i haven't been formally training i had to do a 24hr solo that i was committed to, i will add a seperate post to detail the race, and i have also with my new found enthusiasm to train and race completed a 12hr solo about a month ago.. i may get round to writing this up.. in short as i now have no race bike with sponsors machine going back i raced my rigid single speed getting 9th place overall so either i am still fit or everyone else has got slower:)

Hopefully that briefly covers the past so many months and now its time to look forward.. i am MOTIVATED.. and i mean really motivated. Currently i am addressing the lack of race bike with the build of Paul West's Transportugal proven Scott RC10 frame and addressing the extra weight i have gained with some very careful dieting.

I am now living in Sheffield which is amazing as the riding is second to none and literally on my doorstep within 15 minutes ride i am in the peak district:)

Also have recently met some very cool riders and people that have attributed to my new found desire to go race again so big thanks to them... no need to mention any names you guys have big enough egos anyway:)

next on list is hopefully Torq 12 and then Dusk till Dawn:)

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