Sunday, 18 January 2009


It is official... i am super pleased to say that i will be supported by GENESIS Bikes for 2009 in whatever stupid endeavours i can get myself involved fact thats exactly what they want from me.

The deal is this... i get the bikes, the kit, the spares and emails of kind words telling me how much they love me and in return i have to put their bikes in the stupidest places that i can imagine... this year although racing endurance events is still near the top of my list the priority for me is to long distance, big days in the saddle, nights in the bivvi/tent and visiting as many new places as i can manage/afford...

I have a new found desire to find out how far i can take my cycling.. racing i am still keen to get involved with as the 12/24 hour scene has some great characters and on the whole n excellent atmosphere amongst the solo boys.. but my new found passion is big days riding.. i wanna extend this into big weekends riding with the aid of bivvi/tent and camping equipment.. then mid way through this year i am to venture into the land of trekking/wilderness mountain biking cutting my teeth with a 2 week solo venture into central asia.

As shown in previous posts the first new addition to the bike collection and my race bike for this year will be the excellent Altitude... ti framed.. soon to have 100mm travel front end.. amazing xt disc brakes ( these are hard to beat).. this bike is a blast and has already seen some quality saddle time..

The second bike is a singlespeed.. IO... i am a big fan of singlespeed riding.. in winter i think for most people who ride as much as i do on a budget its the only affordable means of doing it... they are so low maintenance.. great for building your base fitness and really help you pedal well.. this bike i will race when the course is flat or crazy muddy... it will also be the back up bike just in case all goes wrong with my ti..

.. the stock bike has already been treated to carbon rigids and some low rise riser bars and i'm looking forward to Hit the North 1.5 to ride it in anger.

This leave the small issue of renaming my blog... its hardly a shoestring affair anymore.. i will give it some thought over the next week... any suggestions helpful.

Big thanks to James Olsen @ Genesis bikes for putting this great deal together and giving me the opportunity to push my riding further this year... i have big plans.. big ambitions... its gonna be a good year.


Rich Rothwell said...

How about 'Around the World in 80 Blags'? (Heh! Heh!)

GenghisKhan said...

Sounds like some very cool goals and adventures ahead. By way of suggestion, in honor of your new sponsor, perhaps rename your blog, "In the beginning..." Just a thought!

Single Speed Revolution
Ride One or Ride None!

manchester trev said...

how about "trev is a legend for building my bike and doing me awesome deals knowing full well he will get in to trouble........" sounds like a great title. ;0)

Paul.e said...

Rothwell, its promising:)

Genghis, its a good start and i really want one of your 'solo' t shirts:)

Trev, its just not catchy enough but i am eternally grateful for you sorting me out.. it won't be forgotten.

GenghisKhan said...

Paul--glad you like the designs. Now is a good time to get some shirts as our third-party fulfillment house, Zazzle, is running a couple of promotions. Today is the last day for "440SHIRTSALE", which is $4.40 off shirts and through Wednesday, "EMAILOFFER4U" should get you 10% off and free shipping. And, you may even be able to combine the offers!

Good luck in your adventures!
Single Speed Revolution
Ride One or Ride None!