Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sandman Bikes

No i've not defected from the House of Genesis to another brand but i am gonna have to give some love to Conrad at Sandman Bikes in Belgium.

One of my favourite things in live is the internet... no not the vast XXX rated content.. the ability to track down the weird and wonderful parts you need to finish the build that you have put together in your head.. you know exactly how you want it to go together and how it will work but alot of the time there are no mainstream sources for the little or big parts you need.

Madison for 99% of the time can supply me with everything my little heart desires but when building a special variety of bike you got to look to all corners of the bike speaking world to get the bits you need.

After looking at Surly's Pugsley i was convinced i needed to be able to swap my front and rear wheel... both for quick ratio changes but also in the event of a freewheel failure i would have another.... Pug forks however are offset to no use on a normal frame... some forum searching took to me to Italy and a company called Sandman bikes.. the webpage held little info but promised alot with pics of a full fat bike... i emailed.... within a day an email came back.. forks were sitting waiting... they were a mere 80 euros a pair and within a week or so i had 2 pairs in my hand... problem solved.

Big thanks Conrad but what am i gonna do now with my spare time with no forks to find :)


Red Bike said...

I can't wait to read about this bike being used as intended

Anonymous said...

A pleasure helping you out, but I'm based in Belgium - not Italy :-).

Cheers and have fun riding that bike !

Conrad - Sandman Bikes

Paul.e said...

Post amended... where did i get Italy from?? my bad.