Sunday, 31 January 2010

Its cold outside

I'm here... International Falls, Minnesota.... and its living up to its title of 'Icebox of the Nation'.

The flight was overly long and jet lag has been hampering my eating and sleeping although i am trying to eat my way to victory with plenty of American food being consumed at race speed.

The weather is pretty good... blue skies and sunny but the temperatures are low, during the day its cold but when the sun goes in its something else... coldest place i have ever been and the air is so dry.

I've been packed and ready for a day now so am itching to start... just been out on the bike and sampled some of the trail, its pretty well packed and running very fast even for my 'skinny' little bike.

The start can't come soon enough now.

(Luckiy Jenn Hopkins is here with me to take care of all the image gathering so all credit to Jenn for any image i will use blogging this trip)


Red Bike said...

Pffft, positively warm compared to the UK at the moment. ;)

Best of luck Paul.

Jason said...

Good luck Paul!