Thursday, 5 August 2010

Time for a change

The inactivity on my blog of late is not a reflection of a lack of activity.. in fact the exact opposite as life has been pretty busy.

Although I didn't blog it i have been over to Austria to meet Ryan Hawson of Ayup Lights and whilst there we did some riding and i foolishy rode the Salzkammergut Trophy race again.. although this time i took 9 gears and entered the 119km event.

The race was tough and it was more of a 'ride' than a 'race' ... I was quickly into survival mode and got round the course and all 3900m of climbing in a sloth like 8 hours.

This event has spurred me on to get back into training a proper and get some races entered.

Austria also saw the first outing on a 29er since leaving XC Racer/29ers ... this outing marked me leaving my sponsorship by Genesis Bikes.

I have enjoyed riding for Genesis/Madison and they afforded me the opportunity to race some pretty unique events but I felt it was time to move on.

At the moment I am still with Alpkit and Montane with new sponsors on the way.. i'm even toying with the idea of riding under the Shoestring Racing banner and getting some team kit made for myself and any like minded souls.

All in i'm still searching for the perfect bike to use but i'm very motivated to get out and ride as always.. new snow bike on its way already:)



Martin Criminale said...

So... you don't like 29" wheels?

Paul.e said...

I love them ... finding a good one to race on at a decent cost is proving difficult.

Gonna drop you a mail about my proposed next years holidays as i might be coming to visit:)

coastkid said...

paul what you buying for snow riding then? salsa?

Paul.e said...

That new Salsa does look great but I will be using a Sandman frame... 100's are ready to be built up and i have a larry and an endo waiting :)

Vince said...

Paul, raced with Tom this weekend at the High Cascades 100. He tells me that you and I may be racing together again next year in Canada! Drop me a line.

muddytrail said...

If you can try a Ragley TD-1 - awesome frame. I be interested in the jerseys - keep us updated.

Paul.e said...

Convinced Oli at to do the jersey design so it will be coming sometime in September.

If anyone seriously wants one then let me know as i am only gonna order what i need.

muddytrail said...

Certainly be interested. What's the design? Keep us informed.