Monday, 9 July 2012

Euro mooch - Day 2

End of day 1 saw us finish in Luxembourg .. Schlek country :) .. Beautiful place and as it was Grace's birthday we splashed out on schnitzel and beer :)

Day 2 We lleft Luxembourg and went in search of the Tour ... We found the finish in Porrentruy, Switzerland. Found a great spot in the town but the view of the riders was all too brief in comparison to the wait for them to arrive ... You wanna 'watch' the tour then stay at home and put tv on.. You wanna 'see' the tour wait for hours in a small village :) managed to catch a glimpse of Cadel trying to claw back some seconds in the GC ... Tough rider.

We then did some cross country driving to get to the motorway again and ended up in Liechtenstein.

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The Rhino said...

MMMMMM....schnitzel and beer!