Friday, 21 February 2014

ALPKIT'd since 2009

In 2009 I had just started in to a deal with a UK bike brand, adventures were planned but these adventures needed equipment from a more outdoors and camping style company so the search to find a compatible brand was on .. a company who would support me and work with me to make sure I always had the right kit for the job ... a short list was drawn up and in 2009 at an outdoor show which I can't remember the name a relationship was born.

I remember first impressions of the Alpkit stand at this particular show, as with Alpkit it was not only style but substance and there was offerings of all new kinds of kit.  The stand was mainly staffed by friends and the people that Alpkit support and straight away that was a stand bonus ... a company with its feet firmly on the ground ( or in a boat or on a rock face) still out there doing cool stuff and appreciated by those they support.  Frequently a customer would come to the stand and the discussion was usually along the lines of what kit they already had like it was a collection they were amassing.

So my first point of call was a sit down with one of the originators of the brand, Jim Evans, from the offset we were definitely all on the same page and I left positive that being an Alpkit sponsored rider was a fantastic opportunity.  A few weeks later a 65l dry bag arrived stuffed to the brim with product... so my Alpkit adventure began.

From the initial meeting with Jim I was then in time introduced to the other 'founding fathers' ... Nick Smith and the brothers Col and Kenny Stocker.

During my time with Alpkit I have been mostly subjected to some wild equipment experiments in the name of progress with Nick and Jim using me to guinea pig where possible and Col and Ken documenting the process ... usually with a happy ending.

I trawled through my blog and pulled out some images that I thought summarised my Alpkit experience ..

I can say dealing with Alpkit has never produced a dull moment and the pictures don't go even part way to portray the experience through adventure that these guys have always helped enable and often come along too.

I recently made a trip to see the guys at the newish much larger warehouse, showroom and importantly factory and over a few coffees the future was discussed and promises even more positive experiences.

Proud to say I am an Alpkit'er :)

Huge thank you ALPKIT !!!

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