Monday, 31 March 2014

Outside assistance - Gordon Active by Gordon Tours

Holyland Bikepacking Challenge  is a self supported event.

The rules of self supporting are pretty clear in that while on the course you cannot receive any help that is not available to all ... so you couldn't have a support crew on the trail or have pre determined supplies of food and water ... it levels the playing field and makes the racing low budget and more accessible to all.

However, there is nothing to say that prior to the event and afterwards you can't be helped in the logistics of your travels and that is exactly the kind of support that Gordon Active by Gordon Tours have helped me with.

Established in 1972 these guys are one of Israel's largest tour operators and active in promoting cycling holidays in Israel.

Gordon Tours Ltd have been kind enough to offer advice on all aspects of my stay both before and after the event to ensure that all I have to worry about is packing the bike and turning pedals.

Huge thank you and will see you guys soon.

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