Monday, 12 January 2015

True Mountain ... Tailoring for Adventure

The ability to ride and travel as much as I do is for no small part due to the companies that support me, keeping the bike underneath me and the cloths on my back.

I have always been lucky that on the whole sponsorship has developed friendships.  The people that have been kind enough to help are generally like minded souls so even when people change companies or marketing ideals change we stay in touch.

In the case of True Mountain thats exactly what happened.  I first met Tim Butcher working for another outdoor company and through Tim's help and advice I was well kitted for my coldest and highest races to date.  When Tim told me about his new venture, True Mountain, I hoped we would get to work together again.

Founded in the values of local production using local materials True Mountain sees a great addition to the resurgence of companies seeking to produce their goods in the UK with as little imported material as possible.

2015 will see me help as much as I can develop the True Mountain ever evolving product line while being able to use to most fit and designed for purpose good.

Product updates to come soon ...

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