Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Mosstrooper ... a 300km audax sampling the borders of England and Scotland

After Rovaniemi 150 so early in the year I hadn't planned out what the rest of the year may hold for my cycling so in an effort to get some longer miles on some new roads I went to the Audax UK website for inspiration.

Luckily in a Paris-Brest-Paris year there are plenty longer rides to choose from and even luckier Northern Audax were running a series of PBP qualifying distances.

The Mosstrooper is a 300km ride starting and finishing in Ponteland only 15km from my home so seemed an ideal day out to meet new people and at least 100km of the ride would be on roads unfamiliar to me.

Shand packed up the night before an early start saw me riding out to the sign on.

mosstrooper from Paul errington on Vimeo.

The riding was excellent ... the riders I met both friendly and as always interesting people.  An Audax is an excellent opportunity for socialising and exploring and I aim to continue to expand my Audax experience.