Thursday, 10 January 2008

Big Opportunity on Big Wheels...

Big news in the world of Shoestring Racing..

not sure i can even call the blog shoestring racing after this..

In my search for supportive companies to help my progression in the world of racing i put in an application to ride for the XC team way back in November.

I got in!!!

I think helped to a degree by my ramblings on this blog as i will be expected to come up with inspiring race reports from some of my outing this year.

The team is backed by the website who have put together a great deal using Gary Fisher Bikes this year.. full details are on the site along with a great forum full of like minded racers.

The team is officially title 29ers and as you can guess from the name we are the first and only UK race team to be exclusively using 29ers this year.

No bad thing when you take a look at the teams weapon of choice.. Gary Fisher Super Fly, expect to see alot of these about.. or at least as Gary Fisher can make as demand at the moment is so high its out stripped supply.. not surprising when you consider that this is the lightest frame bar none that Fisher has ever made and the lucky guys in the States that have recieved their bikes have already with some sensible part swaps brought weight of the bike down to 20lbs!!!!! Big wheel bonuses without any weight penalties.

I'm so excited about getting this bike.... i just know that its going to be one of those bikes you jump on board and it makes you feel super fast.. i feel quicker just looking at the pic:) no way the machine could be blamed for anything this year.

At the moment the bike has not been delivered but as soon as i have my grubby little mitts on it be rest assured it will be tested as soon as humanly possible...

A big thanks to Xc Racer and Gary Fisher, let the racing begin.


Britchenko said...

Congratulations, you're a hard worker and you surely deserve that kind of support.
I hope to read here the review of the Gary Fisher Super Fly written by you. ;-)
Hope i have the oportunity to try of those 29ers a.s.a.p.

Best and Sunny Regards ;-)

rhino said...

That HUGE news. The 29er hardtail is perfect for the CROC.....

Martin said...

Nice Paul! Way to go. Like rhino said, I imagine the 29er will be well suited for all the washboards you'll encounter at the Crocodile Trophy.

In addition to loads of reviews I want to see some pics of the new bike once it's up and running.

Groover said...

I've been reading your blog now and then. Found you through Rhino's blog. Congratulations. That's great news.