Monday, 21 January 2008

Leaving my mark.

Back to basics, as the end of the week was a race this week which was down as a base week was reformatted by Mark (Forgy) so as to leave me feeling fairly fresh at weekend.
Amongst new workouts including a particularly good pyramid interval session on the trainer was a low speed skills session.
I'll be the first to admit that my bike handling is sketchy at best but i aim to work on this weakness and hopefully by time the big races come i will have some ninja like skills on the trails:)
The picture shows the many passes i did up and down a field pushing the limit of how far i could lean Forward, Backward, Left and the right.. just a real confidence builder to see how far you can shift your weight and still stay in control. After about 30 minutes of these skill exercises i moved onto a trickier set..
Setting 2 water bottles out 5m apart.. ride along and first of all aim to knock them down with your hand.. no cheating by using 750ml bottles.. only 500ml bottles:)
Alternate left and right hand.
When you have the hang of this then try and pick them up..
Set myself the task of picking them up first left then right hand and vice versa and i couldn't go home till i did it.. really puts to the test your low speed bike handling...
So after cutting up the local football pitch it was 20 minute warm down ride and head home.

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