Sunday, 10 February 2008

Feels like summer.

Yet again its been a fair few days since i have updated the blog. Not entirely me being lazy just very little to report.

Last weekend was the usual fair of a long road ride ( this time just under 5 hours) on the saturday and a mountain bike ride on the sunday.
Saturday ride was with Stu (Pryce), all credit as he was on his fixed wheel a non stop pedalling effort for him, a little windy but all in nothing compared to the gales i had endured in Newcastle the previous week.
Sunday was riding with Lee and Andy at Sherwood pines, 2 hours of exploring the trails and enjoying the seemingly endless amount of singletrack trails.

Sorry for lack of detail but it was over a week ago.

This week has been a rest week so very little in the way of quantity to report on, i have been at home all week making the most of not having any uni work for the first time in 4 months. I have done a little swimming, walking and some one leg drills.

The weekend was a little more interesting.

Yesterday (Saturday) i took myself to Sherwood Pines for some mountain biking, people give this area a hard time as they can't look past the very sanitised trails that are there for the general public to enjoy some cycling, but look left or right when riding any of the sanitised trails and you will see a whole heap of tight singletrack... they have held 2 national points series races here for a reason:)
Managed 2 hours of light riding just thrashing the singletrack, i was dressed for winter riding and when sun came out i was breaking a serious sweat... it felt like summer.....

This place really does ride well most weather, nice sandy soils drain quickly...

The only downside to my days riding was a really slow fall in some deep mud that knocked the wind out of me and even now i can't easily breath deeply:(

Saturday night, Nottingham Clarion CC club dinner.. Great night out for me and rach, very rarely get to see most of the guys together all at once. Food was brilliant. There was also a display of club members bikes and i got to see my Trek again.. very upsetting, such a nice bike:(
The evening was a credit to Jenny Harwood's hard work, organising the venue, selling the tickets etc.... looking forward to next years already.

Sunday, i had been instructed to set a benchmark for future testing. I chose to ride the Nottingham Clarion 10 course.. a shameful display of riding saw me go round in a time i can't even bring myself to type.. i am blaming my sore chest and heavy winter bike but those excuses won't be credible come summer when the 10 series begins. Upside to today was the summery weather again... got to wear just arm warmers and gilet instead of winter jacket.. Bonus. I hope this good weather continues nationwide, if i drive to Newcastle tonight and weather has been crappy there i'm turning round and coming straight home:)

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