Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Riding with the 'Fish'

Training and life are going well....

Mr Forgy is keeping the training varied and upping the hours steadily every week which means that i never know what the next week will bring and i'm always super motivated to get the job done.

We've been having a freak spell of really decent weather, pretty cold in the mornings but clear blue skies and warming up as the day goes on... its really inspired me on all fronts as its like having a brief taste of the summer to come.


Rather than waffle on about what i have been doing every day i'll cut to the chase and get to the good stuff:)

Sunday 17th Feb... Riding with the big man himself, Mr Gary Fisher:)

Got an invite from Trek to go down to their head office and do some riding on their local trails at Woburn woods while at the same time test riding some 29ers from the GF range.
Met Charlie (Wigfall) en route and we rolled up to Trek with plenty of time and helped get the demo fleet, as it happened there was a Superfly for me to ride.... life is good!!!
First impression of the bike i will race for the forthoming season.... Rocket Ship.. if you can't go fast on this bike you'll never go fast.. i am itching to get some saddle time in already have an idea what i wanna do first on it.. Barton if you are reading this i think its time we revisited Lord of the Loops:)
What i didn't know was that the day was set up get some still and video of the bikes in action for some promo work, it meant alot of re riding the same trail but it was a fun trail and cool to ride in a train with 7 other guys... except when we had to ride a section individually for still shots and i kept cutting off line as it was faster, what do people expect i'm a racer if its not taped off its fair game:)

After the work as done it was back to the Trek/Fisher Support van for lunch...

The guys from Trek are super cool and its gonna be great hanging out at races this year, and Mr Fisher.. a real laid back guy still super motivated to keep on pushing the scene.. definately a once in a lifetime chance taken and appreciated.

..oh and i have a job offer:) student life is hopefully soon to come to a close:)

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