Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brownbacks Racing – Lee Quarry

I have lost count of the number of forum threads I have read about people complaining that racing mountain bikes in the Uk seems to be focused very much in the south when it comes to venue selection… well people have sat up and took notice and it seems that riders have taken matters into their own hands and started putting on events in the north.. Especially it seems in the North West.

This style of small rider organised races is nothing new.. its how mountain bike racing started… it’s the cornerstone of rider development in the road scene and now it seems to be the future of racing.. a strong statement as people are always banging on about the ‘future of the sport’ .. but it is.. riders know what riders want and local races cater for the masses to have a go when they may not want to travel 100’s of miles to do a national event.

I have to admit I’m a useless cross country racer as I’m usually just getting warmed up and into my stride and the race is over but when these things are on your doorstep its rude not to go and give some support.

The latest in the line of local races in the North west is the Brownbacks organised Lee Quarry series…. A multiple event race series with races lasting 1.5 - 2 hours .. events spread out over the year and categories split by a basic scheme allowing everyone to have a fair crack at doing well…
Check out the site at for more info

The LEE Quarry trail itself is like riding a big off road bmx track.. you got steep short climbs.. a long climb.. flowy technical singletrack.. in a short loop so there is something for everyone.. I was there last night and enjoyed the mountain bike playground it is.. have to admit that myself and Mr Tottle spent too much time riding along half buried logs in the skills area trying to discover some hidden trials talents.. mine is still hidden presumed non existent..
I will stick to endurance racing :)

Hopefully will blog the event when I have ridden or spectated it

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Anonymous said...

It's worth pointing out that Lancashire County Council, which owns Lee Quarry, deserves credit for spending a considerable amount of effort and money creating the bike tracks in the quarry.