Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A match made for adventure

From the offset of my new sponsorship with Genesis it was always going to be an unconventional approach to running a team of riders… without a race bike in the lineup it is obvious that Genesis Bikes are looking elsewhere when they draw inspiration for their machines… this inspiration comes from good honest riding.. long trails.. getting out there and enjoying whatever we can find.. wether that be an hour down the park on a cheeky bit of singletrack or days trekking new ground experiencing new trails and new sights..

The only usual interruption in a good days riding is the need for accommodation… this factor limits the range of most rides but what if you carried all your gear with you.. enough anyway to crash under a tree or bush for the night and knock up some hot food… this is the ideal… but Genesis don’t make sleeping bags or superlight cooking gear.. however ALPKIT do

The idea was formed or the Genesis team to become yes a team of endurance racers that can place at any event but also a group of likeminded people always looking to see what and where can be ridden next so logic dictates that another sponsor be brought in to help with the gear required to go for longer trips on the bike… as a brand Genesis are small, this allows constant adaption and change as riding demands change.. to maintain this approach a similarly styled company needed to be found to form a great union..

Alpkit fitted the bill…

they produce quality goods.. that not only perform but look great.. they operate at a level that see’s them up there with the big guys of outdoor equipment winning the awards but operating on a scale that allows personal contact with the people they support and an ability to stay fresh with the product line.

After an intial exchange of emails it was clear that Jim at Alpkit was the kind of person and the kind of company that would work well with Genesis in forming this team.. the first meeting at the Outdoors show went great and also gave me chance to check out the product I had been eyeing up online for a number of weeks… within 2 weeks of the show my spare room is now homage to the Alpkit brand.. I have Sleeping bags, Dry bags, Bivvi Bags, sleeping mats… even a titanium spork!!! ( it’s a spoon/fork.. its made out of titanium I was sold).. 

many an hour has been trying out this new gear in the front room and strapping various parts to my trainer bike to see how it will all attach to a bike..

Well now I have all my kit ( almost.. just a tent to find).. I have a lot of planned destinations to air it all… sure I have said this a million times before its gonna be a great year..

Check out to see the kit the team will be using

Thanks again James ( and Jim (


Red Bike said...

I think this post needs plenty of links and photographs.

I'm just praying the Ti Spork isn't too expensive but i've got this funny feeling it's going to end up on my shopping list!

Paul.e said...

sorry wrote post on lunch.. check out their site for details of kit:)

trio said...

Sounds like my sort of team, if they ever need a female rider.

Looking forward to reading about you adventures with alpkit. One day when I have money I could do with a new sleeping bag.