Thursday, 22 November 2007

Finally it stopped raining...

Since the weekend the weather has been non stop rain.. i mean 24 hours a day for 2 days solid, not so bad when all you have is indoor trainer sessions scheduled but not too good when some 'real' riding is scheduled.

So when i got up this morning and the rain had stopped.. for a brief moment life was good..

A day of university and more drudgery which is the foundation design coursework gave way to coming home and getting a text from one of my oldest friends who was going to make the nights ride after being a victim of man flu for a number of weeks... another singlespeeder so we are evenly geared.

As a creature of habit it was the usual Wednesday nights holywell dene/coast ride...

Through the first section of the dene the fog was really bad and difficult to see the track, situation made worse by the floor being covered with leaves disguising the trail.
As we got to the other side my friend offered me my first ride ever on a 29er... fully rigid.. funky bars.. sitting on it it felt like riding some kind of beach cruiser compared to my racing snake flat bars low stem set up.

I have to admit though.. i loved it.. i could hear my friend behind struggling with my 1.5" tyred ride.. me on his 2.3's just gliding along. Didn't feel like i was going as fast as normal but i think speed was the same just the bike seemed to flow alot better. I have to say that a race set up 29er would be a good weapon of choice for anyone in the market for a fresh ride for 2008..

Rest of ride went well.. although i was quickly given my bike back... its an acquired taste:) Micheal suffered a little on the way back from lack of food before starting the ride and now will be carrying emergency flapjacks at all times to combat any loss of energy.

Got a good weekends riding planned... club run on the road Saturday followed by meeting a racing friend on Sunday for some pre Thetford training at sherwood pines forest park... lots of singletrack so quite similar to Thetford.

Checked the registered entries for next round of Thetford, all the usual suspects and a few editions over round one... gonna be quick.. gonna hurt alot...:)

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