Thursday, 8 November 2007

Just a few more days

.. before my winter racing programme kicks off.

As last year i will be racing hopefully all the Thetford Winter Series.... its a great place to race, they are super well organised and competition is always top notch so its an indicator of the year to come.

Spent this week mostly eating... its a chore but somebody has to do it:)

Really loading the body in preparation for Sunday.. plenty of carbs and protein this week.. aswell as drinking plenty of fluids.
Nutrition was a bit of a mystery when i started racing a year ago... my first 4 hour race i tried to complete without any food mid race just electrolyte drink... as you can imagine mid race i almost ground to a halt.
I have been put onto a training fuel which can be used in race conditions as an alternative to solids which i am keen to try as i always find it difficult to eat mid race when the HR is at 180+ and your gulping air like a fish out of water... have a sample of this training/racing fuel so will give it a go and try and put some thoughts on the blog.

This week hasn't exactly gone to plan as i wanted to get a ride out on monday and wednesday and turbo train tuesday and thursday.. leaving me friday as a complete day off and a ride out saturday morning to spin my legs before sunday..
As it happened Uni work got in the way on monday and wednesday so was left with turbo training tuesday and tonight, the rest of the week will go to plan.

This has prompted a renewed effort to get some cash together for Gym membership.... idea being that i can get a 40 minute swim in 3 times a week in the morning around 8am before uni and wednesday night will be core training in the gym.... healthy amount of cardio to supplement the biking at least for the winter till weather gets better and mornings get lighter and i can get a morning ride in.
Me and Rach are looking through the bills this weekend to see what we can shave to get the money together for the monthly membership...

Next update will be probably Sunday night post Thetford...

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