Saturday, 17 November 2007

Giving training some thought

After last weekends good result this week has been filled with much thought and planning....

Not all thought has been bike orientated has University dealt me a cruel blow in the shape of Foundation Design... for those who do not have any idea what it involves your lucky and i would keep it that way.. anybody that has to deal with it on a day to day basis or is in the process of learning it i feel sorry for you.

Thankfully i still managed to get a full weeks training in... Monday was a day of rest after sundays efforts, tuesday on the trainer for 45mins, wednesday night riding on the singlespeed, Thursday on the trainer again and today club run for 65 miles with some good hill efforts..
Friday i lose as i travel back to Nottingham but i commute to Uni on the singlespeed everyday giving a steady 12mile round trip to loosen the legs..

The thought i have been having is how to get more training or better quality training into my week... i cannot argue that my training isn't working as it is... i've only been riding for a year and a half and i'm happy with the results.
My first thought was a session of swimming 3 mornings a week but thats gonna cost... now i'm considering 30 minutes on the trainer 3 mornings a week, but how to structure it?? It would mean getting on the trainer the morning after a 45 minute trainer session, doesn't sound too good but i envisage a morning session to be a medium effort not intervals... anybody with any greater knowledge of training feel free to get in touch.
I got to raise my game for next year as i want to do well at the big endurance events before going to the Croc.. and with the announcement of a 24hr road race next year finances permitting is gonna be alot of fun.

I reallly wanted to get some pics of my SUPERSTAR parts that are fitted to my bike but unfortunately i forgot to take any before taking it to TSW Cycles... i got a shifter that won't shift and Dave now tells me my forks need a tune up... this is an expensive sport.

The hunt for sponsorship for the forth coming season hasn't turned up anything at the moment... hopefully if i can stay consistent through the winter with the racing this may drum up more support.
A full sponsorship package is the dream but i think even if i can just get a loan bike for the year then the Trek unfortunately would get sold to cover race fees and fuel etc

Think i'll get an hour on the road bike for some hill work tomorrow... weather is cold but sun is out and roads are dry.. just feels fast to be riding when the air is nice and crisp.. makes you glad your a rider:)

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Martin Criminale said...

Nice Paul!

I'm finally getting around to reading your posts and it's fantastic. Sounds like your home is much like mine these days, cold and damp. :(