Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Deja Vu.... Packing again.

The spare room bed is again covered in gear waiting to be packed into the bag... jerseys are folded, energy bars have been organised and spares have been accounted for.

I'm now 2 days away from leaving for the next challenge.. the highest race in the world.. Yak Attack, organised by Phil Evans of Extreme World Challenges. (

I'm getting pretty good at this packing lark now... well I hope I am... I'm finding It hard as always to get excited about what lies ahead and I know I won't relax until me, my bike and my luggage are safely in Kathmandu.

But every now and then between the constant organising I get a chance to look forward to the riding ahead... this is the roof of the world.. riding unlike anything I have done to date.. not only will I have to battle the competition, the climbs, pushing the single gear I am going to have to get involved with a totally new problem... altitude... can I literally breath thin air?? 2 weeks from now I guess I'll have an answer.


Trail_rat said...

enjoy that - very lucky man even just going to that region never mind racing there !

good luck

coastkid said...

good luck paul!...

Anonymous said...

Man, a couple of weeks after you've done a -30 degree, 32 hour race you're doing this high altitude, cold, hilly race. You sadomasicist.
I'd have to stay off the bike for a year after the arrowhead race.

Paul.e said...

Thanks all..

Yeah i expect its gonna hurt alot as my hands are still crap after Arrowhead but it'll buy me a month or so off the bike afterwards till i need to suffer again :)