Sunday, 7 March 2010

Singlespeed Capital of the World

Not much to do at the moment but wait... i'm always worried of too much activity pre race in case of any bike or body mishaps which would take me out the race before the first day begins.

Instead today was spent building and checking my bike then taking a walk around the surrounding streets, the number of singlespeed bikes in Kathmandu is amazing... its not niche here its norm. Fair enough most of those are rikshaws and the rest are 'make do or mend' modifications to keep a vital mode of transport working but all the same its making me feel better.

We have a good bunch of riders assembled... discounting the sub 50kg rider category occupied by all the Nepalese riders we have a few brits, an Australian and a Swedish duo includng a previous Eurovision competitor.

The afternoon was finished with hiking the bike to the Monkey Temple... which pretty much is as its sounds.. a Temple with Monkeys.... i managed to come away with bike intact but Col annoyed a monkey and got a smack on the foot as a warning:)

Race registration tomorrow and then the day after we can start turning some pedals.

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adski71 said...

Looks fantastic,once again living the dream...Good luck Paul!!